• High Intensity Interval Fitness


We’ve created a space for you to sweat that is unique and a different experience to anything you’ve done before. A state of the art studio, uplifting instructors coupled with beat based playlists to help drive your workout to a new high. Prepare to experience fitness in a whole new way and carry the beat body vibes with you throughout your day. You will leave our classes energised and ready to take on anything that comes your way. Our friendly team is ready for you to join us and will help guide you to achieve your personal fitness and mental goals day in day out.


Our 3 signature workouts (Beat, Box and Breathe) find the perfect balance between cardio, strength, bodyweight, boxing and the breath to give you a complete fitness experience. All our workouts are cleverly curated to music where beats and choruses drive the experience. Each and every class consists of 10 songs (no more, no less) and last roughly 45 minutes. Our way of doing things physically, coupled with our in house nutritionist and program will get you the results you desire and the right head space you’ve been longing to find.


To provide a fitness offering that is more than just fitness, it is an experience. We have spent a considerable amount of time creating something that is new and innovative for you to immerse yourself in. We promise that no 2 workouts are ever the same and when you arrive you’ll have no knowledge of what’s ahead. We promise to elevate not only the body but also the mind for you to take with you for the rest of your day. We understand that health and wellness go hand in hand and can’t wait to welcome you into our space.